Sunday, 2 August 2015

Coogee Inaugural Meeting a success!

Forward to Victory!!

Come a little closer ...
A second before ... the BOOM!
Yesterday was another great Demogamer Bolt Action Boot Camp held at the inaugural meeting of the Company Of Dice in South Coogee.
We ran two games for 4 players each and had a very enjoyable game with completely different results each game.
One fellow had never played a wargame, another had only seen Bolt Action after hearing us getting very excited at Cancon, and another had just read the books and was building his first army (and from what we saw it will look magnificent).
A fourth player had played many games but not with many other players and the last two players were experienced but had not experienced fighting or playing Japanese. Perfect!
We design our demo games to give plenty of scope of different facets of Bolt Action. In these games we learned how support weapons worked, the power - and limitation - of armour, the power and weakness of the Japanese Banzaii and Fanatic rules, and the incredible fun of Bolt Action where the results are never guaranteed.
The club venue was excellent and thanks to Joe and Spiros for all their hard work getting it all together.
We will be back next month to do a pre MOAB play of the Submarine board - Attack on Lorient Docks 1942.

Right flank captures the hill

Come on down and join us. No cost, open for anyone, no equipment necessary  and good food available on site!  What more could anyone want?
Valiant last turn defence of the middle objective

Enjoy these selected photos of the action on the day.


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