Saturday, 2 November 2013

Order Dice vs Normal Dice

All in the right order
Bolt Action revolves around the order dice each unit needs to make a move.  There are six orders:
1. Fire
2. Advance (and can fire)
3. Run (No firing)
4. Ambush (Fire if someone comes into sight)
5. Rally (Attempt to recover from pins)
6. Down (Drop with hands over head)

Initially we used normal dice and we all knew which number matched the appropriate order.  Then we tested our methods with a new player. Matching numbers to orders was another thing to worry about rather than what the actual orders meant for his units.  Good Point.
I was discussing this with Ian from War and Peace Games.  As part of his sponsorship of our demo games at Cancon 2014 he provided us with some order dice.  Thanks, Ian.
In combination with the marvellous dice bags my wife made and this part of playing the game is greatly improved.

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