Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Winter Bolt Action Boot Camp

It's Winter and we're still fighting for you

Adam and his boys were first in
We have just returned from another fun day running our Bolt Action Boot Camp at The Combat Company's Sydney warehouse. It was another very enjoyable day.
We set up two boards.

A Summer board using the buildings from the 4Ground Rorke's Drift set on either side of a railway crossing. We were ready to go at 10am and in walked a familiar fellow.  We had met Adam and his boys at Cancon and they took the opportunity to play with us again today.
After a hectic to and fro, especially in the last 2 turns, the result was a draw with lots of casualties and Bolt Action moments.
Alejandro and his boys were next

Anything but a 1 will hit!
Shortly afterwards, Alejandro and his boys arrived with their own 600 point armies to play on our Winter board. This board had the players needing to capture the two 4Ground Eastern front buildings and the railway culvert cutting the hill.  The hill made an interesting challenge.  At first glance the board looked very open, but players quickly realised when they dropped down to the model's eye level they couldn't see through the hill.
Once more this game ended being very close.  My son was playing and even though all his forces ending up being destroyed, he made enough of a difference to force the game to a draw as well.

We then had a little lunch break - and browse through the wide collection of hobby temptations - and played our last game.
Beckster introduced herself and when I saw her painting I immediately recognised the incredible work from the photos she had shared on the forums. It was great to meet fellow gamers we have conversed with online in person.

This game was played with Joe - a fellow that played at our last Boot Camp, Beckster, Spiro of the Combat Company and my son.
It was a game of what we call "Tank Tink".  All game the tanks fired at each other missing or just pinning each other. In turn 5 Spiro had enough of firing at the Panzer III behind the wall and applied a very direct solution.  A Run order demolishing the wall! All the Panzer III needed to hit was anything but a 1.  So Beckster rolled a 1!
Then it all depended on who pulled the first order die.  The Germans did, merely achieved an immobilisation, but the Cromwell failed morale.  That pretty much ended the game.

Thanks once again to The Combat Company for their support, War and Peace Games for their sponsorship and all the players.
Our next Bolt Action Boot Camp will be at MOAB in October 4th and 5th.

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