Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Attack over the Dniester - Playtest

We have been quiet recently but this time has not been wasted. Our next board is ready for play testing.
This is a board for 4 players, Russian verses Germans. The board represents a section of the Kamenets-Podolsky port area on the Dniester river during Winter. A Russian force is attacking across the frozen river while another is attacking from the other side of the city. The Germans are in the middle trying to stop the Russians linking up. (Here is the page with historical background)
There is an interesting mix of buildings, open areas, lanes of fire and cover, heights and depths.

 Volga Russians (8 dice):

HQ: Junior Lieutenant 2 men (Regular) 60 Pts
Siberian Veterans, 10 rifles, tough fighters 145 pts
2 x Siberian Regulars, 9 rifles, LMG, tough fighters 135 Pts
Medic, 2 men, Veteran 43 pts
Free rifle squad, 6 rifles, Green Inexperienced, all with AT Grenades 0 pts
Medium Machine Gun team, Regular 55 pts
AT Rifle team, Regular 30 pts
Total: 603 pts

Volga Germans (7 dice):

HQ: First Lieutenant 2 men, Regular 85 pts
3 x Heer Grenadiers, 3 Assault rifles, 2 rifles 65 pts
2 x Heer Grenadiers, 3 Assault rifles, 3 rifles 75 pts
Pz III N, Light Howitzer, Regular 175 pts
Total: 605 pts

City Russians (6 dice):

HQ: 2nd Lieutenant, 2 men, Regular 60 pts
2 x LMG Squad, 8 rifles, LMG, SMG, Regular 123 pts
SMG Squad, 6 SMG, Inexperienced 60 pts
Free rifle squad, 6 rifles, Green Inexperienced 0 pts
T34/85 medium tank, Regular 235 pts
Total: 601 pts

City Germans (6 dice)

HQ: 2nd Lieutenant, 2 men, Regular 60 pts
3 x Volks Grenadier, 5 Assault rifle, 3 rifle, 1 Panzerfaust, Inexperienced 94 pts
Light Howitzer, Regular 50 pts
Hetzer, Medium Tank Destroyer 210 pts
Total: 602 pts

The objectives are the warehouse, town hall (Stone Hotel) and train side factory. Additional objective for the Russian forces to meet up (and Germans to stop them of course).
Standard 6 turns with an optional turn 7.
The Germans can set up on the port wall and central buildings areas. German Infantry are all placed on board - treated as "hidden". German tanks not placed on board before the game can move in from the roads on either side of the board. The light howitzer can be placed inside a building but cannot be moved more than 6 inches from initial placement.

The Russians come on from their respective short ends of the board (the 4' sides). The barbed wire and dock edges are linear obstacles, which means infantry have to stop at the edge and can then move through on the following turn. Steps on the dock edge are no obstacle to movement.
The German fixed gun emplacement may be used if the Germans place a squad there. It is a Heavy automatic cannon and requires a 3 man crew. The remaining squad members can fire normally. If the Germans decide not to man the gun, the Russians cannot use it.

We will have our first play test this Saturday, 9 January at the Company of Dice meeting at South Coogee Bowling Club, Sydney.
As always, everyone is welcome. We provide everything, figures, board, rules, equipment and training too! Come on down.

UPDATE: Results of our first public play test.


  1. Looking great will you be at cancon?

  2. Unfortunately we won't be at Cancon this year. We plan on being at the Company of Dice club meetings in South Coogee (Sydney) as often as we can.



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