Friday, 22 April 2016

The fight for Monsieur Bon Bon's factory

At the May meeting we will be running a couple of demo games, this time using the 750 point competition sized armies with the BA Net Season 3 rules.
The first will be an encounter between French and German forces in 1940 with the French rushing to save the famous Monsieur Bon Bon's chocolate factory from the invading Germans.
The French Horde is the army Peter used in the recent Company of Dice Bolt Action tournament. This is a very large infantry based army backed by a powerful pair of medium howitzers and the mighty FT-17 (dubbed "Fear Tank" because of it's fearsome speed [6" maximum]).

The French Horde:
2 x First Lieutenant plus minion with rifle - 85 pts each
3 x Inexperienced infantry (LMG, Pistol, 9 rifles) - 79 pts each
1 x Inexperienced infantry (LMG, Pistol, 9 rifles) - Free (French bonus)
1 x Regular Medic with minion - 33 pts
2 x Regular infantry (7 rifles, LMG) - 85 pts each
1 x Veteran Renault FT (MMG) - 43 pts
1 x Medium Howitzer - 75 pts
1 x Medium Howitzer - Free (French bonus)
2 x spotters - 10 pts each
Total = 747 pts - 12 order dice.

To meet the challenge we have the
Early War German Invaders:
(All regulars)
1 x 2nd Lieutenant plus minion - 60 pts
4 x Heer Infantry (LMG,SMG,6 rifles) - 88 pts each
1 x Medic on his own - 30 pts
1 x MMG team - 50 pts
1 x AT Rifle team - 30 pts
1 x Light Artillery - 50 pts
1 x PzIII Aust N - 175 pts
Total = 747 pts - 10 order dice

Will the Germans have enough firepower to stop the French Horde?
Will the French keep control long enough to capture and hold the chocolate factory?
We'll roll the dice to find out!

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