Saturday, 14 December 2013

Padawan Training

Pulling Order Dice is a very important job.
Any practice that wants to survive long term has to have a generational plan.  Newcomers need to be introduced and then trained and eventually introduce and train others.
Wargaming is no different.
Luckily there are so many levels and facets to the hobby, new recruits can start at almost any level.
The youngest get to wear the cool hats, learn appropriate gun noises and be part of games by pulling order dice from the bag or rolling dice with another player.
As their comprehension and tactical skills improve they can take greater parts in games.
As their dexterity and patience improves, they can build and model scenery, figures and vehicles.

I have had the pleasure this week of realising that my son now paints better than I do.
We're setting up over there. Schnell!
Here is a German MMG unit relocating their weapon which he built and painted.  We recently purchased some good paintbrushes and better equipment and his level of skill has been enhanced greatly.

Not only that, now that school holidays have begun, he has taken an eye to my figures and decided to "upgrade" them.
Now my figures are pretty reasonable and certainly table top worthy. But I grudgingly agreed he could "touch them up" if he wanted to.
Well, they are now upgraded.
And as we all know, better painted troops always fight better.
He has been involved in Wargaming at various levels since he was 8 years old, but this has increased a lot this year.  Now at 15 he plays, paints and builds models and scenery as well as anyone else.  My padawan has advanced a level!
We are upgraded.  Beware!

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