Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bolt Action Grand Tournament - A pictorial review

We visited the Bolt Action Grand Tournament at The Hall of Heroes gaming mecca in Campbelltown today.  It was day two of the tournament and we went there as visitors to meet other players, learn new techniques and tactics for gaming and scenery and perhaps pick up some supplies.
This post covers a lot of the day with photos and some commentary.  Overall we had a great day.  The players were very friendly and accommodating and glad to assist people like us wanting to learn more.  The standard of scenery and armies was very high.  Generally the games all told different stories with thrills of victory and agonies of defeat in the same game - and many time to the same player!
A fantastic town board - but hard to fight in.
Many of the boards were built up boards like the one above.  Sculpted hills, roads, rivers and more provided plenty of scope for tactics and strategy and situations many boards cannot offer.  The following photos were on this board:
Hold until relieved - even when pinned.
 This unit of commandoes was defender in a "Hold Until Relieved" scenario.  After being pinned to immobility, it still held the objective. But the nature of the board meant the attackers had to come from the front which held risks of its own.
The buildings had lovely little gaps between them just asking for infantry to sneak around.
Just come closer little American tank...
The last turn charge!
The multi level nature of the board allowed for shots down stairs, troops hiding along streets, attacks from houses and gaps.
Marine Sniper heaven in a city board

Bazooka shot down the stairs.  Missed!
In a moment, we charge!
Other than the boards and their effects, the painting quality of the troops was very high.  Here are a collection of some of the great painting on display.  Remember - painted troops fight better.
Australian 25 Pdr
 These Australians were brought in by a fellow who couldn't play in the tournament, but everyone had a good "ooh" and "aah" over this lovely painting.
Australian squad charging into action
Clint Eastwood staring my camera down.
 Some players increased interest by having excellent characters in their armies.  In the same army as Clint Eastwood were characters from Kelly's heroes.

Hold until relieved - very outnumbered

Defending the hay bales
British Commandoes flaming out the defenders.
A quick drive and firing of my machine gun can get one out of difficulty
When side stepping is safer than standing firm against a King Tiger!
British Commando sniper team
German Mortar team - check out the eyes and detail
An Australian Squad moving into action
A German unit carefully advancing down a gully.
Overall this was a great event.  Congratulations to the organisers and to the players.

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