Sunday, 16 February 2014

That's an awesome building

That's an awesome building Mum.
At Cancon we picked up a couple of the 4Ground Russian buildings.  We wanted some smaller buildings that would suit more country battles and these seemed to fit the bill.
As part of my 4Ground Personalisation Project I didn't want to have these buildings looking as uncared for as they have ben designed.  So we gave the building a nice white wash, and painted all the door and window trims a cleaner colour.
I am also very fortunate that my lovely lady enjoys craft and building a 4Ground building is great craft!  When we were near the final stages of this building, our youngest son (3 years old) wearing his fine Bob the Builder construction hat looked at the building and looked up at Mum and aid, "That's an awesome building, Mum."
I'll be posting a lot more on the 4Ground Personalisation Project soon.

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