Saturday, 8 February 2014

Transporting the War

All the stuff needed for our long weekend at Cancon
We decided to run a large public participation demo game at Cancon 12 months earlier and happily proceeded building up all the things we required - Buildings, scenery, boards, models, and so on.
Then, about two weeks before Cancon was due to start I looked at all this stuff we needed to bring and wondered, "How will we transport this safely?"
The trick is being able to pack, unpack and repack each item and have it survive the journey from home to vehicle to table and back again.  Although we have always built to "wargaming" standard which means tougher than modelling standard, there is still the risk of damage during transport and storage.

The figures were easy. These foam storage trays worked well.
I asked for advice on various forums and groups and someone chimed in with the clever answer of cardboard Archive Boxes.  All of our 4Ground buildings fit in very well, and did not need much padding around the sides.  I recorded each box's contents with a permanent marker so we could easily tell what was in each box.
Figures were easy as we already had a number of cut foam figure cases.  As our army grows, we will try making some new storage cases using foam-core sheeting which we saw some clever gamer use via the Bolt Action Facebook group.
Now we can find all the littler bits.

Zip lock bags were perfect for all the smaller scenery items such as walls, trenches, hedges, bushes, objective flags and so on.  You can pack them in and leave plenty of air for padding and then zip them sealed. Easy!
The Pegasus Bridge was an issue so we had to place it carefully on the back seat and hope for no really sudden stops during the 90 minute drive!
The Church was too tall (by about 5 cm) for the storage boxes so we found another cardboard box into which it fit very well.
All in all everything survived the trip extremely well.
This is what caused our issue. What a variety of sizes!
My last photo shows the boys behind a range of varying sized buildings, holding a 12 inch (30cm) ruler to show scale.
Thanks to all the online gamers for their advice and sharing.

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