Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bolt Action Boot Camp - The Winter Board

From the North
Next week we will hold our first official Bolt Action Boot Camp at the wonder warehouse of the Combat Company.
We will have two boards - The two level City Board and this Winter board.
From the South
The Winter Board will have four players in teams of 2 x 600 point armies.
The objectives are:
1. The secret papers in The Pond on the South side of the board, and
2. The paratrooper stuck in The Well on the North side of the board next to the orchard.

Some Finns ready for the Russians.
This board is quite different from the city board.  Much more open spaces with softer cover.  The fields are just decoration as a winter ploughed field is still open ground.  The tree line is soft cover and the brick walls are hard cover.
Oh bother. I think I blew too far from the 100 acre wood.

If you are in Sydney next week, let us know and drop in. It will be fun day.

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