Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bolt Action Index 1.3

Bolt Action Index 1.3 is released
Warlords have published the latest Bolt Action Errata/FAQ dated 30 May 2014.
So I have updated the index to include the latest changes.
I have numbered the Errata and then FAQ with pages E1 to E3 and F1 to F8 (excluding changes to army lists).

Changes include:

  1. Pinning against vehicles is made more sensible (no HMG pinning big tanks)
  2. Snipers only roll normal hit chances against units in buildings.
  3. The Mortar Shuffle is killed
  4. Loader for LMGs rule is sort of clarified. You can change the loader each turn but you don't have to.
The latest Bolt Action Index v1.3 is here.

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  1. A useful index
    a link to your blog
    my last BA game
    7 JUIN

    Our last club games



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