Sunday, 14 September 2014

MOAB - Bolt Action Boot Camp City Board

We are busily preparing for our next Bolt Action Boot Camp at the MOAB Games Convention on the weekend of October 4 to 6.  Our games will be running on the Saturday and Sunday only and there should be 2 tables with 3 games per day.
Our first board is the City Board.  We have had great fun with an expansion of our city heights project, creating a train culvert through the town, with the Pegasus Bridge crossing the gap as well as two pedestrian bridges.  The lower level is completely playable with stairs leading down on both sides.
The boot camp is free and open to all.  Everything required to play is provided by us.
We have created a idea run through of the board:
The board is an interesting one with multiple levels, plenty of fascinating angles, lots of cover AND open areas.
The view from the Hotel end
There is room on this board for 6 players - 3 sets of 2. Lots of opportunity to concentrate of your field of action and your neighbour's too!
View of the railway culvert and bridges

A US Marine advancing into danger

A German peeking out from one of the lower tunnels

The view from the Residential edge of the board

The view from the Church tower.

A group of Germans rushing across the railway line.

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