Saturday, 20 September 2014

MOAB City Board - Playtest 1 is a success

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Today we were able to play test our city board.  I needed 6 players with 600 point armies to get a feel of how this board would play. So 1800 points per side would be a good set of the board and our paired dice bag technique.
With 3 dice bags in play we still completed the game in 2.5 hours. And what an exciting game it was.


Germany 1:

1 x Officer(2nd Lt + 2men )
1 x Medic
1 x Heavy Mortar(Spotter Off Board)
2 x Heer Infantry(NCO (SMG),LMG,8 rifles 2 x Panzerfaust each)
1 x Volks Grenadiers(NCO + 4 (Ass Rifles) + 3 rifles + 2 Panzerfausts)
1 x Sdkfz 222(Light Autocannon, Coax MMG Recce)

Germany 2:

1 x Officer(2nd Lt + 2men )
1 x Sniper(2 men )
1 x Heer Infantry(NCO (SMG),LMG,8 rifles 1 x Panzerfaust)
1 x Heer Veteran Infantry(NCO (SMG),LMG,8 rifles 1 x Panzerfaust)
1 x Panzer III J
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Germany 3:

1 x Officer (2nd Lt + 2men)
1 x Heavy Mortar (Spotter) - Off Board
1 x MMG (3 men)
1 x Heer Regular Infantry (NCO (SMG),LMG,8 rifles)
2 x Volks Grenadiers (NCO + 4 (Ass Rifles) + 3 rifles)
1 x Sdkfz 234/2 Puma (Med AT, Coax MMG)


US Marines (as seen in our post here)

HQ - 2nd Lieutenant with 2 henchman/assistants (70 pts)
3 x Regular Marines - NCO with SMG, BAR and 6 Riflemen (88 pts each)
1 x Regular Medic (23 pts)
1 x Regular Sniper team (52 pts)
1 x Sherman M4A1 (195 pts)
Total 604 pts (7 order dice)
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1 x Officer (2nd Lt + 2men)
1 x Infantry Squad (NCO (SMG),LMG ,8 rifles)
1 x Airborne Squad (NCO (SMG),LMG ,8 rifles)- Veteran Stubborn
1 x PIAT (2 Men)
1 x Artillery Observer
1 x Cromwell (Med AT, Coax MMG, MMG)


1 x Regular 2nd Lt with 2 guys
3 x Regular Squad x 3 - NCO (SMG), BAR, 8 Rifles
1 x Sniper
1 x M24 Chaffee


This was a classic Bolt Action game.  The first few turns saw the German heavy mortars roll 6s for their first targeting hits, immobilising and then next turn destroying the Cromwell and Sherman. At this point the infantry count was definitely on the German side.
This is ours! Until turn 6 ...

The Marines were doing very well holding the centre while the US left flank was failing badly.
In Turn 4, the Marines captured the Bridge control box and in turn 5 their "Fire" order was to raise the bridge. Our house rule is that units on the lifting bridge have to firstly stay together and then every man rolls.  Any roll of a 1 or 2 means the figure is removed. No pins, this just reflects the fellow is out of the game via injury or separation.  The unit that is on the bridge has to run until it is on a level surface.  The bridge lifts 45 degrees per turn.
The German squad on the bridge lost 2 guys on turn 5 and none on turn 6. But the important thing was they couldn't fire for 2 turns.
At the end of turn 5 the Germans controlled all 3 objectives. They were not even contested.
Then on the British flank (in the photo above) the unit on the left rolled FUBAR and ran away. Then the HQ unit advanced next to the Puma and fired at the British in the building. And the Puma fired too.
At this point, being turn 6, the Airborne Veterans passed morale and charged the HQ unit, wiping it out and contesting the flag. Then the British HQ unit charged from the building and defeated the Volks Grenadiers lurking behind the Puma. They owned the flag!  The Puma couldn't control it as it was a vehicle.
At the central objective the Marines pulled an amazing charge and defeated a veteran unit and then died to a man defending against a very effective German HQ unit.  But they had captured the flag and no German unit of 3 or more men was within 3 inches so they were deemed to own the objective.
The anxiously watched roll for turn 7 was a 1.  The game was over.
Turn 7 would definitely have ended in a German victory, but that is Bolt Action!
It was great fun and classic Bolt Action with so many coulda woulda shoulda moments.
This board will be great to share at the MOAB Bolt Action Boot Camp.


  1. Great looking game, and love the commando comic!

    1. Excellent set up and looks fantastic as always

  2. Replies
    1. Are you going to visit us at MOAB? We'll be there Saturday and Sunday.

  3. Played at Moab and had a blast. Top notch terrain and models. Guys at demo gamers were super and could not be faulted. My son Aidan had a great time and thought it the best thing ever. Won't be our last game. Thank u demo gamers!

    1. Thanks for the great feedback! We had a great time over the 2 days. It is great fun being part of Bolt Action gaming and sharing the fun with so many new people. I'll have a review up tomorrow when we recover a little. :-)



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