Sunday, 24 November 2013

Objectives and Terrain eye candy

Private Timmy is down the well
In many of the games of Bolt Action, battles focus on one or more objectives. Not only does this intensify the battle and encourage calculated (and "daring") risks and strategies, it also gives scope to the creativity of the players.
The Bolt Action rule book describes objectives as:
"These objectives could be tactically important positions such as a building or hilltop, or supplies such as an ammo dump or fuel reserve, or maybe a command post, a vehicle repair shop, or an emplacement for long range artillery or rocket launchers.  Objectives can be simple markers or tokens if the players prefer, or can be represented by scenic pieces along the lines described.  The important thing is that both players clearly identify the objectives before the battle begins."
Tournament organisers have mostly settled on players bringing three or so objectives all no larger than 40mm to 50mm along their sides.  This is very wise as I can imagine a player saying, "But look at it.  The Grand Stone Hotel would make a fine objective."
We have posted a number of our objectives on this site - Hold Until Relieved, It's Time for Dinner, A strange blue box and Lest we forget.
Objectives are a fun excuse to make something different, related, however loosely, to the period and brighten up the board.
Oh Bother. I'm caught in a tree.

As we plan on running public participation and demonstration games we have another reason for interesting objectives and terrain pieces.  Eye Candy.
While their son or brother is immersed in playing in the game, the father, mother or siblings will be able to have a good look at the tables.  Everyone that is interested will be given a "Spotter's Guide" with photos of interesting things they may find on the boards.

The third reason we are spending so much time on our scenery is that it makes the board look good.  We know from experience that painted troops fight better, but also better boards make for more memorable games. If you look back over our battle reports you can see how the board assists in the telling of the story.  Combined with rules such as Bolt Action and the game is full of snippets that we recollect to others.

So, with only 9 weeks to go to Cancon, we will continue play testing our games and making more "objectives" or eye candy.

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