Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cancon Reviews

Ready. Aim. Shoot.
There have been a number of reviews of our efforts at Cancon and we appreciate all the feedback.  We had a really good time, enjoying hosting Bolt Action games for the whole weekend but it is really encouraging finding out what players and visitors thought of all our efforts.

The Man Cave:
Thanks so much for our battle royale in the Hotel in the afternoon session. A most enjoyable game and very well run it was too. Your table and terrain were fantastic. Thank you for all your efforts. I have posted some extra pics at my blog The Man Cave.
Best wishes!
 [A fine blog too]
The Pudding Wrestler:
A game of great magnificence, taught by youth of surpassing knowledge, and fought over scenery sufficient to cause envy in hippos. Truly a great day's gaming (and I should know, I was there and got my Germans pounded...)
Anonymous: That looks amazing! Great work bringing in new players and hosting such spectacular events. On behalf of the entire Bolt Action community, thanks!

Comments from the Bolt Action Forum: (A great place discussing Bolt Action)
I dropped by on Sunday afternoon after the BA tournament had been played elsewhere in that cavernous hall (and there were two such halls) and the photos - good as they are - do not do David's work justice. The two tables were awe inspiring, and David had a veritable party atmosphere cooking in his set up, which was perfectly placed immediately adjacent to the entrance of the corridor which connected the gaming/ trade halls, and through which literally everybody passed repeatedly over the course of the weekend.
His certified stats are also only the tip of the iceberg, as my own brother was one who came, saw and was utterly inspired, but who did not stop to play (in his case, because his back was playing up). There were undoubtedly countless others, especially from the 660 players in tournaments other than Bolt Action, who would have come by and had their imagination synapses woken and inspired by this amazing vision splendid (and we certainly had literally dozens come through the competition, get all excited and then express a sudden desire to play our amazing game).
Big thanks to you and your boys
Now.  Planning for next year...

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