Thursday, 2 October 2014

MOAB Jungle Board

The Brick and Pipe Factory
We have our second MOAB board ready - the Brick and Pipe factory with Observation post in the Jungle.  That is a bit of a long name, so we cleverly call it the "Jungle Board" for short.
Once more we have considered a number of factors in this board.
1. It looks cool (A very important factor)
2. Two objectives
3. Open, closed and interesting lanes of fire and movement.

The Observation Post on the hill

Bamboo thicket with removable bits

Rice Paddies and jungle edges
Consider the following factors:

  1. The Hill - the observation post is on a hill surrounded by some sandbag positions. There is no cover other than the slope of the hill and the sandbags which is actually more cover than it seems.
  2. The Bamboo thickets - Although effective sight blockers, they are rough ground for infantry, no-go for wheeled vehicles but can be driven through by tanks.
  3. The Brick and Pipe factory - Hard cover and buildings and walls.
  4. The Rice Paddies - Rough ground but no cover.
There is also plenty of open ground, but often broken by hard or soft cover.  The test game (next post) was very interesting.
The objectives are the Observation post and the well at the centre of the Brick and Pipe factory.

This should prove to be a most enjoyable board.

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