Wednesday, 23 October 2013

All in the family

Can you make a dice bag? With a smile!
The good thing about miniatures wargaming is that not only do you have the thrill of victory and agony of defeat in battle during a game, but you can also express your creative side with scenery, painting and resources.
For us this means there is enough interest to go around the family.
Each of us has differing levels of interest in the various aspects of the hobby. My lovely wife and daughter have been helping in building all the laser cut buildings we have been fortunate to obtain.
After visiting MOAB I realised that a dice bag worked better than a cup.  I had suspected that a cup was not optimum when our younger children help by pulling dice. In one game Peter had about 5 dice in a row.  Looking over at my 6 year old son, I realised he thought his intervention was helpful to Peter.  Now we have a couple of fantastic lined bags with pull strings to store the dice as well as use during games.

It takes two to paint a bridge and another to make a church.
The Pegasus Bridge model was so big it was a family affair building and painting it.  My wife and I spent a couple of evenings gluing it together, then James and I spent over a spray can's worth of paint undercoating it and the Peter and I painted the finishing touches.  In the background of the photo James is painting a marvellous laser cut church we have built.  Once we have put in all the fine touches we will have a new blog pot.
We will soon put up another post showing the magnificent Ground Hotel Complex by 4Ground.

And the other good thing about drawing in so much of the family?  We get to take over the kitchen table without too much fuss!

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