Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Pegasus Bridge set arrived today

Time to start building!
Today we received a lovely package - the Pegasus Bridge Battle Set from Warlord Games.

The basic set includes the Lasercut buildings of Pegasus Bridge, Cafe Gondree and a pillbox.  Then there is the resin Gun Position, metal commandoes, metal German MG42 team and AT gun that goes into the gun position.
Also included is a the Pegasus Bridge Scenario Booklet.  This is an excellent booklet detailing the forces and 3 scenarios to play on 4 x 6 boards.  Interestingly, none of the scenarios actually use the whole bridge.
Scenario 1 is the initial attack when the commandoes attempt the capture of the Eastern end of the Bridge.
Scenario 2 is the assault to capture the Western end of the bridge.
Scenario 3 is the German counter attack.

We will do some experimenting and keep you informed as to progress.  Perhaps we could do a two table game with a gap between tables spanned by the bridge?  Hmmmmm.

Meanwhile Peter has already built 5 of the plastic commandoes that are part of the Collector's edition.

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