Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pegasus Bridge - Cafe and Bunker

We have built the Cafe Gondree and the bunker.  The bunker was easy to build and the roof can be removed so you can place men inside.  When I asked Peter for some German soldiers to put in the bunker he came back with a Pak40 and a grin, "This is better, Dad."  He was right.
Peek-a-boo. I see you.
When we looked at the pictures of the Cafe we were very concerned it might be a resin kit.  The photos all had the windows solid and we couldn't see much evidence the inside was accessible. It was great to open the box and see that the Cafe is a real wargaming building after all. You can remove the roof and the middle floor comes out too.  Plenty of figures can be placed inside with lots of windows from which to fire.  And once it is painted it should look very nice. And with so many windows there is a lot of firepower!
Lots of places to hide and shoot.
Lift the roof and lift the floor. Multi level goodness.
It was interesting building Sarissa Precision buildings after so many 4Ground kits. There is a different concept behind the kits but the end result is equally good.  There are much more tabs and holes in which parts connect and there is use of multiple sheets to build strength into the buildings.  These buildings are designed to survive wargaming.  As their slogan goes, "Part of the game, not of the table".

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