Sunday, 17 November 2013

Battle for the Beer Factory - narrow Russian Victory

As we foretold last week, we finally played the battle for the Russian Beer Factory today.  We played a modify Point Defence game with 3 objectives spread across the centre line, with both sides have half their units on board in turn one, the rest coming on as reserves from turn 2.  To win the army had to hold at least 2 objectives.

I was interested to see the impact of the German vs the Russian special rules.  The Germans get an extra dice for infantry machine guns, while the Russians get a free squad (!) and can re-roll morale for units below half strength.
For the Motherland!
Peter's Russians made a very brave frontal assault in turn 2 after capturing one of the objectives.  The remans did a defensive fire killing 6 of the attacking inexperienced units.  The remaining 5 guys kills 4 (!) Germans.  The remaining 6 remans nay killed 3 Russians and so were wiped out.  The last 2 Russians were able to re-organise to just outside the door to the house.
Not far enough!  The German HQ unit of 2 men charged and killed them in a close quarters assault.
But the free unit killed a German regular unit.  A very fair trade.  But the extra LMG dice did kill a Russian.
A straight shot for the PAK 40 AT gun
The Russian T34/85 raced into the centre of the factory complex daring anyone to attack.
"I'll fire my Pak 40," said James the German player.
"I forgot about him." said Peter, the Russian.
The AT gun missed. This started a trend.  The German Hetzer crushed a wall and fired at the front of the T34, hitting, but doing no damage other than a pin.
The T34 then failed morale twice, while the Hetzer missed the next 2 turns. But the Hetzer was able to put some pins on one of the Russain infantry units.
This outhouse is ours.
So while the objective on the German right flank was in German hands, the middle one in Russian, the let flank was a good chance, even though it was held by the Russians.
The Russian squad that had captured the outhouse was whittled down by infantry and AT fire to half strength.  When they wanted to apes morale they failed and went down.  The German squad charged and wiped them out.
The supporting Russian squad with only one pin caused by the ether, rolled a FUBAR and ran away, leaving the Germans in control of 2 objectives at the end of turn 6.
But Peter was overjoyed that a turn 7 was happening.
He charged his medic at the lone Lieutenant guarding the right hand objective, survived the MMG fire, thanks to the Russian Re-roll special rule and was left in charge of the objective with nothing to stop him.
So the Russians clawed a victory from defeat in the optional 7th turn.

A typical exciting Bolt Action game where the lead changed several times during the battle. tension and excitement were high, and the marvellous outhouse was captured.


  1. Eins Beer Bitta! Great report! Love the theme!

  2. Thanks. We have been working hard on getting the table and troops looking good. After all, painted troops fight better and when you have something worth fighting over ...



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