Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cancon Prep Board 2 - The Russian Beer Factory

Here is board number 2 which we will play on Day one, the same day as the Grand Hotel Compound. This will be a Winter battle with Russian vs Germans using a modified point defence with three objectives along the centre of the board.
The factory from one side ...
The centrepiece on this board is this factory from Crescent Root Studio very cleverly named 28mm Series 2. I would have called this the Factory or The Beer Factory but I suppose "28mm Series 2" has a certain ring to it.
And the other side.
The Factory becomes a beer factory with the simple addition of beer barrels. We used barrels from Renedra.
Defending the vodka barrels.
It is really cool that the building is laser cut, pre-assembled and sets up easily with little pins.
Factory with extra layers
The building bases are pre-built and you just put the buildings together and play.  How easy is that?
Drive that tank through
The insides of each building do not have the fantastic detail of 4Ground buildings but it makes a great bit of scenery to fit over. And at a very reasonable price.

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