Saturday, 8 March 2014

City Fight - How would you fight this board?

We are planning our next demo game to be an all day long affair with multiple players on one board.

The board is a standard 6 x 4 but as you can see, it is a full on city fight. We want everyone to have a great day playing - for as long as they are able to participate. We know that buildings are meat grinders and there will be high attrition. That is why objectives are central and why restarting with new armies or reinforcements is important.

The concept:
Each player has 750 points.
At least 2 players a side, but this will change as the day progresses.
There will be certain objectives set up - such as hold certain buildings for 2 turns, get to the other sides command point, and so on. Each objective gained earns 1 Victory point for that team (and the player) Also a VP for certain points destroyed.
As the day progresses, other players can come in on either side, and players whose armies are destroyed can start again.
 Dice are pulled for each 2 player pairing and I don't care if one pairing goes faster than another. New players join the pair of players with the least dice left.

These are my starting thoughts. I would really appreciate your input.
We will be play testing this soon with some extra players, but the board looks pretty enticing.


  1. What a fantastic board! Certainly look like a dream to play on. I think your proposed rules are great: The 750pt cap is just right for allowing players to add in some interesting armour and specialist weapons whilst maintaining a good flow to the game. The player 're-spawn' is also a great idea and helps ensure players remain engaged throughout the day. Equally, the straight forward objective based scoring system ensures no complicated points management, whilst giving players mission variety. Excellent job :)

  2. Good looking city. All 4Ground?

    1. No. The terrace houses are 4Ground, and most of the others are reviewed in my Buildings label at the side of the page. I like a variety.

  3. Where are you playing this demo game and when? I would like to go and have a look. It looks great.

    1. Hi Alejandro
      I'll PM with details via Facebook.

  4. Wow, great looking board. I think smaller size of 500 or smaller would be better and quicker. keep things fast and bloody. Could also add objectives like food, artwork, ammo, etc...or rescue the resistance member as well to mix up the objectives.

    1. Great ideas. In our play testing we'll do a mix of 500 and 750 points. There are plenty of places in which to hide objectives. Sort of like "Tope Secret" Plus.



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