Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Sicilian CBD

Is it dinner time yet?
Crescent Root Studio has a new series of 28mm buildings, cleverly called "28mm Series 3".
As we did with the Beer Factory we have renamed ours to something more memorable - The Sicilian CBD.  We ordered the Restaurant (Model 28B3) and the Hotel (known as Model 28A3) and a collection of the stone walls (Model 28S3).  One thing about Crescent Root Studio - they really know how to give their great buildings catchy names.
Each building is pre-painted and mostly assembled.  All you have to do is attach each wall using small metal pins and you are ready to go.
The Hotel and Restaurant
The roofs are detachable and there are removable floors for each level.
Plenty of place for your guys.
The detail is very impressive and the painting is not just one coat of paint.  There is shading and contrast.
Worth fighting for
The side buildings of the Hotel are removable, while the roof of the restaurant back room is removable.  Basically you can put men everywhere.
The side buildings are optional.
Overall the set is pretty impressive. We are looking forward to having these buildings as part of our next battle.  There are two more buildings, the warehouse (Model 28E3) and the apartment (Model 28D3), which we will look at getting once funds allow.
We want the hotel!

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