Monday, 17 March 2014

Sarissa Precision WWII collection

A Little Sarissa Precision village
In line with our plan for a massive multi player city fight, we have now purchased a few of Sarissa Precision's WWII collection laser cut MDF buildings.
We had previous experience with their Pegasus Bridge set which has proven to be a great kit, so I thought it was time to review their other buildings.
The kits use 2mm MDF for the main construction and 1mm cardboard for various highlights and features such as window and door trims, shutters, etc.
To get depth, the kit uses multiple pieces glued together.
Just add water
For example, the fountain has a base, then 3 pieces for the fountain sides and then another piece on the top.  This works well, although you can see the edges.  Once this is painted, it will all be covered.
Construction is pretty straight forward and the pieces all come out of the sheets well.
The instructions are pretty basic.  For Pegasus Bridge, the model was complex and naturally the instructions needed a little deciphering.
Pre-planning by dry fitting everything together and then applying glue worked well.  We just used PVA glue to join the pieces.  This allowed a bit of give while it was drying.
The MDF seems to absorb some of the PVA's moisture, so the fit is reasonably firm.
The models are much simpler than 4Ground's kits.
There are no internal walls or stairs, but you can remove floors and walls.
Lots of room inside - but no walls or stairs.
As the models are pretty simple, construction time is reasonably quick.  We made all these in one day.  By "we" I mean mostly the team of my wife and daughter.  What a great team effort.
We don't even play wargames!
The only downside is the construction is only part of the procedure.  Now we have to paint the buildings. ("Not our area!" my wife tells me.)
So, being simpler kits and unpainted, the benefit is price.  The terrace or small house is about $20 Australian.  The 4Ground Terrace house is around $42.
As always, you trade cost vs convenience.
But we like having some variety and are very grateful to have such a wide choice of buildings designed for wargaming.  And by making us paint the buildings, we will certainly have personalised scenery.


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