Thursday, 20 March 2014

Plastic vs Metal Challenge Accepted

Plastics or Metal?  Which is better for your model soldiers?
My position is that both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Metals need to be cleaned up by removing flash and perhaps straightening guns and adding a larger base, the proper undercoat is important, and there are many. but limited, poses for the men.
Also, the paint tends to chip on metals during use.
Meanwhile, plastics are cheaper, but they need to be assembled which can be fiddly, the guns can break and they don't have the same weight and heft as metal figures.
However, there is one argument I was challenged with that there are limited poses in the plastics because there are only 5 body shapes and limited arm options. To answer that challenge I present photos of 94 models made from the standard Warlords German Infantry plastic figures.
Have a look and see how many are the same.  There may be a few similar, but I contend none are the same.  This isn't bad as these are created all from the same sprue containing enough bits for 5 men.
Some figures we modified the legs or arms with a bit of green stuff or selective cutting or trimming with a knife, but the majority (over 90%) are just made with the standard sprue and imagination.

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