Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bolt Action Index 1.4

Bolt Action Index 1.4 is released
Warlords have published the latest Bolt Action Errata/FAQ dated 2 October 2014.
So I have updated the index to include the latest changes.
I have numbered the Errata and then FAQ with pages E1 to E3 and F1 to F8 (excluding changes to army lists).

Changes include:
  1. Routed Transport Vehicle and passengers (F4)
  2. Pins for upgraded Green units (F8)
  3. Flamethrowers and Panzerfausts vs Recce (F8)
  4. British light howitzers (F8)
  5. Long Range -1 for all Heavy Weapons AT fire (F8)
  6. Slow Load clarification (F8)
  7. Officer in HQ is killed (F8)
The latest Bolt Action Index v1.4 is here.

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