Thursday, 2 October 2014

Moab Jungle Board - The Deadly Test Game

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The important part of testing out a new board is to give it a good play test.
The Jungle Board we previewed last post was another very enjoyable board.
The armies (all 600 points or so) were:



1 x Officer(2nd Lt + 2men )
1 x FAO(Free Artillery Observer )
1 x AT Rifle(2 men Veteran)
1 x MMG(3 men )
2 x Infantry Squad(NCO (SMG),LMG ,8 rifles )
1 x Infantry Squad(NCO (SMG),LMG ,8 rifles )
1 x PIAT(2 Men )

US Marines:

1 x Officer (2nd Lt + 2men )
1 x Medic( Regular)
1 x Sniper (2 men )
3 x Marines (NCO (SMG),1 BAR,6 rifles )
1 x M4A1 Sherman (Med AT, MMG, Coax MMG)
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Japan 1:

1 x Officer(2nd Lt + 2men )
2 x Infantry(NCO (SMG),LMG,8 rifles )
1 x Grenadiers(NCO (Rifle),9 rifles Light Mortars)
1 x Chi Ha(Lt Howitzer, turret rear MMG, hull MMG)

Japan 2:

1 x Officer(2nd Lt + 2men )
1 x Med Mortar(Spotter Off Board)
1 x MMG(3 men )
3 x Infantry(NCO (SMG),LMG,8 rifles )
1 x 70mm Type 92 Lt How(Light howitzer, 3 men)

The game was a bloodbath.
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On the Observation post side, the Japanese Chi-Ha tank died in turn 2 and by turn 5 the last Japanese soldier was gone. Although claiming their flank, the Marines were unable to help their Australian Allies.

The battle for the Brick and Pipe factory was definitely going in the Australians favour.  The Veteran squad beat off two Japanese squads and captured the objective.
But the remaining Japanese squad loitered just in reach for the turn 6 rush for the objective.  One Australian squad was wiped out racing to secure the objective in turn 5 and the other was pinned into inaction by mortar fire until turn 6 when it was too far away to affect the last turn scramble.

At the end of turn 6 the Japanese squad survived 2 close assaults and secured the flag but was wiped out.
The Japanese HQ ran to be just in range.
Turn 7 was rolled.
The Australian HQ made a last turn attack on the Japanese HQ but did not make a dent and was wiped out.
The Japanese owned the objective.
A Draw!
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 Once more Bolt Action happened, resulting in a very exciting game, down to the last roll.

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