Monday, 6 October 2014

MOAB 2014 - A very successful weekend

MOAB Day 1 Click to enlarge
We have survived a busy two days at MOAB 2014. Our voices may be strained, our feet tired and some boxes to unpack, but these things are background to great memories.
Over the two days we ran 7 games for 26 players.  These players are 19 unique players (a number played 2 or even 3 times).
We showed six father and son teams how Bolt Action works and gave them a great introduction to wargaming.
Here are some of the written thanks we received last night and today:
Played at Moab and had a blast. Top notch terrain and models. Guys at demo gamers were super and could not be faulted. My son [] had a great time and thought it the best thing ever. Won't be our last game. Thank u demo gamers! 
Just a brief email to say thanks for a lovely game on Sunday. Hope the trip home was good. The boys were thrilled to enjoy such a high quality experience.
We knew from our discussions on the drive home that everyone had a good time but these emails just confirmed it.
MOAB Day 2 - Part 1 (Click to enlarge)

I have created comic style reviews of some highlights of the two days.

We were perfectly placed in the centre of the hall containing the traders and other public participation games.  This meant anyone visiting the convention did not have to ask if there were any games they could play - we were right there when they walked in.  We had a simple timetable - games began at 9:00, 12:00 and 3:00.  Easy.  Meanwhile everyone could watch a game in progress or examine the armies which were in use and peer into all the nooks and crannies of the tables.
These are the types of conversations we heard:
"Look at that, honey, they have a Tardis!"
"Dad, there is Winnie the Pooh."
"These guys are having fun, do you want to play, son?"
"Are you going to play, Dad?"
Then we step in and let them know they can both play.

MOAB Day 2 - part 2 (Click to enlarge)
How do we measure success?
We have a number of measures:

  • How many players participate, 
  • Reactions from visitors,
  • Traders' responses,
  • Number of memories and "Commando Comic Moments",
  • Having a fun time with my boys, and
  • The satisfaction of showing off our work to a larger audience.

There were at least six father-son teams with one or two sons involved in the games. Nothing gives more spice to a game than the opportunity of beating Dad. "I blew up your tank, Dad" is great to hear.

We were so busy doing our games we didn't get much of a chance to browse the traders or see what else was on at the convention.  We had even arranged to visit Wartime Miniatures to pick up some really nice Kokoda Trail Australians but forgot all about it in the excitement.
MOAB Day 2 Part 3 (Click to enlarge)

The Bolt Action tournament went very well with 17 players taking part. We had a brief look at the great armies being fought with and the terrain being fought over.  Congratulations to Patch and Bryan for all their work organising the competition.  Anyone interested in Bolt Action was sent between the two of us to help increase interest.

So now we are planning for our next event.
We will be doing some play testing at The Combat Company in November, the date is to be confirmed.
Meanwhile, enjoy the Comics!

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