Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Sample Game using Unit Cards

We are preparing to use only the Starter Armies as these are perfect to begin playing games in Bolt Action, learning how to use a good variety of unit types.  Today we ran a test game to show the Unit Cards in action.
The Scenario was “Top Secret”.  Our objective was a monk who had secret information both sides needed.
The Monk with the Secrets.
Before the game all the units of each side were lined up with their relevant unit cards.
Start your engines ...

As units come on the board we placed the unit cards at the edge of the board so they were handy to check when firing or moving each unit.
The Monk is nervously watching everyone coming his way.

At this point the monk was minding his own business but must have been getting nervous at all the action coming his way.  The forest was full of British infantry and the farmhouse was attracting the Germans.
Turn 3 and the British attempted a grab of the Monk.  But it was very early in the move, just asking for reaction from the Germans.
Please come along quietly, Father.

It didn't take long before the Germans reacted.  By the end of the turn the squad was down to 5 men.
Sarge, I don't think they want us to take him.
By the end of turn 4, the monk was on his own again.
Where did everyone go?

But the Germans were close.
Turn 5 the Germans made the grab.
Father, you are wanted for questioning...

They ended up being wiped out and at the end of turn the Monk was back on his own.
Turn 6 the British made another go.  If there was a turn 7, they would have tried the baton relay pass of the Monk from unit to unit.  But the dice determined game's end at turn 6.
The Monk feeling a little lonely after so many fleeting friends

In the course of the whole game, using the playsheet and the unit cards, there was no referring to the rule book at all. Success!
And the boys traded war stories over what worked and what didn't for their troops. Success!

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