Saturday, 19 October 2013

Objective - Now Stop Fighting, It's Time for Dinner.

Now stop fighting.  It's time for dinner.
Our third objective is entitled "Now Stop Fighting. It's time for dinner".
My father is a retired butcher and so we created this one in memory of his time as a great butcher.  The figure is a Warlord Games British infantryman with a paper apron.  The knife is from the plastic US kit and the sharpening steel is a cut down plastic entrenching spade.
The barrels are from Renedra barrels, with the top one getting a spigot made from a cut down pistol. We even made a knife pouch on his side filled with two other knives.
The pig and goose are from the same farm animals set we have already been having so much fun with in the War Memorial and The Tardis.
It's great fun getting to do modelling, and then getting to use them in games.

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