Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Creating City Cobblestone Roads

Some of our city road tiles
We wanted some good city cobblestone roads to go with our marvellous buildings. After much searching I discovered Dave Graffam Models' selection of paper scenery, available from The Wargame Vault.  At $2.95 (USD) this is a very good price for the designs.  The kit is in the form of a PDF and uses Layers to have varying road and sidewalks (footpaths).  Mac users will need to download Adobe PDF Reader to see and select the various layers.
Knowing how wargaming scenery needs to be moved around and manhandled a lot, I did not want to just print these out onto cardboard.
So we purchased some 3mm MDF board and cut 6" (15cm) squares.  Then I printed out the tiles I wanted and trimmed off the sidewalks.  The sidewalks were glued to some thick cardboard (spare framing matt boards).  The road was glued to the MDF square and the cardboard thickened sidewalks to the edges.  This provided a good looking city street system with lots of options.
This is very easy to create, is robust and looks great.

Update:  At Cancon one fellow used this technique but went one better.  He painted the roads with varnish which made them more durable.  A Satin or Matt varnish looks great.
Also, if you want to see the roads in action, go here: Cancon Review Day One.

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