Saturday, 26 October 2013

Envelopment - Run through the town

Today's game used the scenario Envelopment.  This means the attacker has to get off the defender's edge or at least in his edge of the board.  The Defender has to kill as many of the attacker as possible.
We used the opportunity to use a lot of our buildings.
The board - A not so little village
Our War Memorial was able to be used in pride of place in the village crossroads.
A good place for a memorial
The Germans elected to attack and rolled to inflict a preparatory bombardment.  All they needed was a 2 or more.
A preparatory bombardment - not today.
Early on the British wanted to fire at a German unit. There was doubt as to whether the units had line of sight. "Bring out the periscope" was called.
Nope.  Can't see me. Shoot someone else.
The game proceeded very quickly with some amazing dice rolls by the Germans. On the German's left flank an undamaged squad was able to run to within one run move from the table edge.  The British HQ was hiding behind the houses on an Ambush order and fired, only inflicting one pin.  This meant the German squad had to roll to pass their orders.
Charge! No. Flee!
On the German right flank things went much better for the attackers. The Hetzer destroyed the Cromwell and the 6 pounder AT gun missed again. Then, just like last week, the AT gun came under close combat assault.
It's just not their day
Germans ended up winning overwhelmingly.  But both players enjoyed the game and learned more tactics.  Looking back, a couple of times the sub-battles could have gone either way.  But today was not the British day.
As usual, we had more Commando Comic Moments.

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