Monday, 14 October 2013

Demolition - Get the Pig

Last Monday we had another Bolt Action training game, testing out our ability to run a demo game for a person completely new to miniature wargaming.  Our volunteer had played a number of computer games over the years and was willing to give this whole "wargaming thing" a go.

The scenario was "Demolition".  This means each player must get a unit to the other side's base while defending his own base.  If his unit touches the base it is destroyed.
The board was set around the Stone Hotel from 4Ground and some other 4Ground Terrace Houses as well as fields made from a door mat and home made roads.
The forces were the Bolt Action Starter armies for Germany and Britain. Our volunteer played the Germans and a relatively new player was British.
Turn 1 - the spot where artillery hoped to fall was placed by the British.
The British decided to retain quite a number of units off the board for use later in an enflanking move.  Meanwhile he moved on a number of units to protect his base while the German moved all his troops on board.
Pinning all round
The artillery came down and pinned a german infantry squad terribly (5 pins) while lots of German units fired at the British squad directly facing them, killing and pinning them well.
The British come rushing in from their left flank and the German squad charges.
On turn 3 the British reserves burst on to the scene on the German right flank and started a charge direct to the German camp.  The PAK 40 quickly pivoted, ready to fire on the Cromwell next turn.
The Hetzer needed to make an order roll and rolled 12 - a FUBAR!  Luckily he didn't fire at the nearest squad, but had to run to the edge of the board to recover.  Meanwhile the British squad was down to 2 men and the Germans made an assault, wiping them out.
The Cromwell is 37 inches away - 2 turns plus 1 inch away from victory.
If the British were not stopped they were very close to victory.
The eager British player sizing up victory with onlooker providing support.
The German squad on the other side of the wall made an Assault on the cromwell.  Failed to kill but they did give the Cromwell tank a pin.  The Pak 40 missed.
Meanwhile, the German survived hits by a Vickers from the side, passed the order test and charged the British medium mortar.  The mortar was destroyed and the reorganisation move towards the 6 pounder AT gun meant next turn the Germans may be able to take the Command Post.
The Pak 40 finally hit and killed the Cromwell.
The British charge was stopped by a very big shell from the Pak 40.  The infantry that had accompanied the Cromwell were killed or pinned to a stop by the infantry units.
It's Roast Pig and Duck for dinner tonight!
The Germans passed their orders test, survived the 6 pounder fire and Assaulted the 6 Pounder gun crew, winning easily, The reorganisation move allowed the squad to make it to the British Command Post - a fine pig and duck.
Game over on turn 6 and well enjoyed by both players and spectators.

What did we learn?
1. Proper Order Dice which have the order names on each side work better than having to remember the order 1 through 6.
2. Flags to indicate the objectives or command posts would work better.
3. The unit cards and Bolt Action Play Sheet work very well.
4. Painted troops and good looking boards make the game better.

The result?
The new player called later in the day and wanted to play another game.  He also chatted with another fellow in the village who is interested in giving the game a go.  Bolt Action succeeded again in making a story out of a battle with both players and spectators regaling each other with events of the game.

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