Saturday, 19 October 2013

Battle for Pegasus Bridge - by close assault!

Today we had a great game of Bolt Action.
It was a "Point Defence" mission which involves the battle over three objectives held by the defender. If the attacker holds 2 or 3 objectives he wins, 1 and it is a draw, none and it is a defender win.
The board used the freshly completed Pegasus Bridge as our centre piece, splitting the board in two with the bridge forming a link across the board.
Objective 1 - the Mysterious Blue Box
Objective 2 - Dinner time
Objective 3 - The Memorial
The board - with spectators
The preparatory bombardment by the British attackers was very successful, damaging the Hetzer which  just passed morale to stay in the game.
Turn one saw the British move their 6 pounder onto the board directly in front of the Hetzer.  He wanted a gun duel.
One on One - be careful what you wish for.
In turn two the British fired first only needing a 3 to hit.  They rolled a 2. Missed!
The German with 3 ins passed morale and was just in range for a frontal assault.
Um. Oops. Let's get out of here!
This left the Hetzer on top of scrap metal at the base of the British side of the board.
That meant the PIAT could just pop in from Reserve and have a very close shot.
Take that!
Immobilised. Soon to be destroyed next turn. Meanwhile a squad from each side as having a firefight across Pegasus Bridge.
Bang. Bang. Pin here. Pin there.
 On the other flank the Cromwell saw how well the Hetzer frontal assault worked so did the same - straight at the squad hiding behind a wall.  Down went both walls and the Germans, passing morale, sidestepped the racing tank.
Phew.  That was close.
Next turn, the Cromwell assaulted again - In reverse!  Same result.  Germans passed morale and once the Cromwell went passed decided to hide around the house.
"Stay still I say!" yelled the Cromwell commander.
Turn four had the British move on a squad from their left flank for a quick pounce on the Blue Box.
The Germans charged and wiped them out to a man.
"You Vill not Haf our Blue Box!"
Turn five saw more close assaults.  First the Germans failed morale and went Down.  "Woohoo!" yelled the British and did a frontal assault around the barriers.
Get out of our way!
The British prevailed and were only one move away from the objective!
Turn 6 and the British squad survived some gun fire, passed morale and captured the Dinner objective.
"Welcome to dinner, boys"
The British also charged and captured the War Memorial.  One squad counter charged and died.  The HQ squad charged and died.  The final squad in the house charged - and won!  The War memorial was recovered for Germany.
There are less of us but we still have this objective.
Phew!  A game that changed several times during the battle. And as always, left players and spectators with stories to tell.

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