Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lest We Forget - Objectives

Lest We Forget
An important part of any game is objectives and good scenery.
Today I decided to combine both and create a War Memorial.
We used the Cancon 2013 Figurine as the figure on top of a Games Workshop Mines of Moria set bit of scenery as the base.
A spare duck was added to give some colour (we didn't have any pigeons) and I wanted to create an appropriate plaque.  I started making up some names and then had a good thought - check out the Australian Victoria Cross recipients.  Sure enough, I found a list of all of the Australians who were awarded a Victoria Cross during World War One and put them into my desktop publishing program (Apple Pages).  They all fit nicely onto 3 "plaques" and printing them "6 to a page" made the size just right.
If you get up REALLY close, you can actually read all the names.

James created the wreath using two strands of thin wire with a third wire wrapping around the others.  Then add glue, dip in fake grass and add some coloured "flowers" and "Ta Da" - a wreath.
All up I am pretty pleased with how it went.

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