Thursday, 23 January 2014

A couple of Germans for Cancon

Danger! Paratroopers!
We are almost ready for Cancon and just finishing a few final bits and pieces.
At around 00:18 June 6, 1944 Private Romer, an 18 year old schoolboy who hardly knew how to fire his rifle, was guarding Pegasus Bridge.From out of nowhere he saw 22 British airborne troops in their camouflaged battle smocks, their face grotesquely blacked, giving the most eerie sensation of a blending of savagery and civilisation, ready to fire their Stens, Brens and Enfields. Romer could see in a flash, by the way the men carried their weapons, by the look in their eyes and by the way their eyes darted around that they were highly trained killers. He turned and ran shouting "Paratroopers!" at the other sentry as he passed him. That sentry fired his Verey pistol. He was the first German to die defending Hitler's Fortress Europe.
(Taken from Pegasus Bridge by Stephen E Ambrose)
I'm out of here!
Later on Private Romer and a couple of others hid behind some bushes for about 36 hours and when the fighting had calmed down, they surrendered, very happy they didn't get shot.
Considering we will be having the big Pegasus Bridge battle, Peter wanted to make a small memorial to these first defenders of the bridge.
Right, who needs a bandaid?
In preparing the army lists for use in our games we have reworked several armies.  Due to some point changes in the Bolt Action army books, we had some changes in units which meant we could fit in a German Medic.  So Peter quickly whipped up this fellow, made from a Warlords plastic German, with a British backpack as a satchel and some paper as the satchel's strap.

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