Monday, 13 January 2014

Get the Church to the convention on time

Perfect to fight over - but don't disturb the parishioners.
An important part of any town is the parish church or cathedral.  Many model churches seemed too small, too expensive or too solid (what's the point of a building you can't fight in?).
We found a great church at Game Craft Miniatures.
It is MDF laser cut and a very simple design.
There is a short video showing how to put it together, but after putting together a 4Ground building or two and Pegasus Bridge, this was very easy.
It is also very good value at $42.50 (US dollars) plus shipping.
As this was built for wargaming, we had to put in some strengthening.

  • We glued it on a MDF sheet to give structural strength and an excuse for some extra scenery.  
  • We added in supports for the roof as we wanted it to lift off and place chappies inside.
  • We added in a platform in the tower so men could be placed at the tower window.

"That's a nice cross Daddy" approved by the 3 year old.
These made the building very robust.

But being a very simple MDF design we wanted some texture.
This meant adding some bits of cardboard to the Tower edges to serve as stonework.  Then we painted the exterior with textured paint inexpensively purchased as a sample pot from the paint store. We added a cross at the back entrance and built a crucifix at the top from an old crucifix we already had spare.
Game Craft Miniatures also gives the additional options of shingled roofing and stained glass windows.
The shingles worked out a treat and look very effective.
We have not yet put in the stained glass as we have plans to do the interior with inner wall, back room, pictures on the walls, altar and all the important bits that make the building a church.
I wonder where we will put the sniper?

We have finished the church up to what we consider "Stage 1".  This is enough to use on the table top and enjoy, but we are looking forward to Stage 2 for the rest of the trimmings.

The service was very good and pricing quite reasonable.
I'm sure you'll see this feature appear in a number of battle reports in the future!


  1. Very nice, been thinking of buying a church for my table....

  2. Nicely done, look forward to seeing the finished product. Just when I think I have enough one more item to add to the wish list.

  3. We really like laser cut MDF buildings for the cost and strength. I see many boards with the same buildings so we are trying for some variety and this Church matches that requirement well.

  4. Very nice indeed! I did something very similar to spruce up a mdf Church by CnC, giving it an interior and thatched roof. The price was great and all that fiddly initial construction was done, so I could just concentrate on the decorative bits. I'm now thinking I might build an alternative shingle roof to give me more options too.



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