Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cancon - almost there!

T-shirt and hat. Yeah!
There are only 2 weeks to Cancon and we are almost there.  In less than 12 months we have gone from Bolt Action newbies to being ready to run lots of public participation games at Cancon 2014.

If you are coming to Cancon and want to try a game of Bolt Action, drop by.  We will have space, even if we have to set up another table for you!  We want everyone to give Bolt Action a go.

To let everyone know who is running the games we will al be wearing the same coloured T-shirts each day. (Different shirt per day as this is Canberra in Summer in a tin shed!)
We have the hats to distinguish ourselves and enough spares for players to wear too.
Combined with name badges it should not be too hard to chat with the responsible people running the games.
Our resources include Periscopes, Turn Counters, Rulebook index, Ready Reference sheet,  Dice bags and Unit Cards.

We have the boards with all the appropriate terrain including:
Winter Board (Battle for the Beer factory), Stone Hotel, and the double board Battle for Pegasus Bridge.  We have made Hedges, Buildings, Ponds, Roads, Trees, Sandbags, Objectives and more.

And of course we have had to build, organise and paint the armies.
British 1000 point army:
The 1000 Point Army
 The standard 1000 point starter army is incorrect as it includes a Medium and light mortar in contradiction of the rules.  So we swapped a medic for the light mortar for the same points.
Posing dramatically around an objective

The medic
The German 1000 point start army:
1000 points as per the box
 The standard starter armies provide a good mix of infantry, armour and AT guns.  This has taught us a lot about each of the various options before we started experimenting.  Playing out the battles on the table top has shown that many troops fight better - or worse - than our reading suggested.
The MMG with action flash!
 Although MMGs are considered overpriced, they still play a useful part.
The squad posing beside the objective and Hetzer.
The 1000 point Russian army:
A mass of infantry and a mean T34/85!

The pose in front of the war memorial
The 1000 point US army:
1000 points on a little diorama

The pose in front of the WWI memorial
The standard 1000 point starter army includes a M3 Halftrack.  We felt this was a complete waste of points being open topped and transport, so we replaced the halftrack with a bazooka and 57mm AT gun.
Bazooka and 57mm AT gun
We have also created about 1,100 points of British commandos/light infantry for the raid on Pegasus Bridge and extra Germans for the same battle.
Add in the Australian army, Japanese and US marines and we have been quite busy over the last 12 months.
See you at Cancon!

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  1. Awesome - I'm looking forward to drooping by with some friends for a game!



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