Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bolt Action Index 1.2

New! Improved! With added Errata and FAQ!
I have just updated the Bolt Action Index to include the official Errata and Frequently Asked Questions.
This means when looking up a topic, you can find the information on the page number Errata (E1 to E2) or FAQ (F1 to F7).

The index is here.


  1. Thank...this should make things even easier. :)

  2. excellent resource!!! Can I offer up one recommendation? Where you have written "Bolt Action Main Rulebook Index" you could put the version number, like Ver. 1.2. Feel free to disregard this suggestion as you see fit because you've done an awesome job for this. Kudos and success to you!!!

    1. All posts regarding the index link the same updated version. Now 1.3. Cheers.



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