Saturday, 25 January 2014

Cancon day one review

The Stone Hotel about the be boarded
We have survived day one.  Sore feet and weary throats bode poorly for our state by Monday evening.
But we are pretty happy with how it has gone.  13 players joined our games, most having played only one or no games of Bolt Action before.
Every game ended with smiles and satisfaction, with plenty of tense moments as plans failed and dangers were averted.
We set up last night so we could start pretty promptly at 8:30am when the public started coming in.  The day built up and we had the two tables going non stop.
I'm just leaning on my post laying my banjo.  Don't shoot me.

We had a handout for all players and spectators which showed a selection of our "eye candy" - the collection of interesting bits which enhance the table enjoyment.  If you have a close look at the photo here you can see the War Memorial and also a fellow leaning against a light pole playing his banjo.
It was a pleasure to see so many players and spectators lean down and take photos of many bits of scenery and some of the well painted figures.
The Hold Until Relieved board with the Stone Hotel complex centre piece was a great board for players with past wargaming experience.  The challenges of fighting through the building with all of it's myriad rooms and stairwells required some special rules.
These stairs are Mein!
Our special rules for the Stone Hotel (and other large buildings with detailed interiors are:

  1. All movement in the building is as per rough ground. i.e. 6 inches.
  2. All firing has hard cover protection.
  3. All Close Assaults are with intervening terrain so both fight at the same time.
  4. Squads can split fire across rooms, but must be on the same floor.
  5. 2 weapons per window or double windows can have 3 or 4 weapons depending on the width.
  6. Movement is determined by just using your tape measure.  Wrap it around up to 6 inches.

These rules worked out really well.
Men pouring in from all sides, with the objective flag on the back steps.
Our other board was the Battle for the Beer Factory which had plenty of challenges too, with lots of lines of fire.
Tomorrow we have the Pegasus Bridge board and a Battle for Little Big Town. More photos tomorrow.

The sore feet and weary throats are worth it all.  The boys and I have really enjoyed the games.  Even operating as advisors we have all still gotten involved in the games, riding the highs and lows with the players.

Now on to tomorrow!

PS: You may be interested in our planning battle report for this game too.


  1. That looks amazing! Great work bringing in new players and hosting such spectacular events. On behalf of the entire Bolt Action community, thanks!

  2. A game of great magnificence, taught by youth of surpassing knowledge, and fought over scenery sufficient to cause envy in hippos. Truly a great day's gaming (and I should know, I was there and got my Germans pounded...)

  3. I am glad you were able to join us. We are still recalling many of the highs and lows of the games we hosted over the weekend. One may think hosting would give you distance but we too cheered or groaned when the dice gods struck!

  4. Dear Demo Gamers - thanks so much for our battle royale in the Hotel in the afternoon session. A most enjoyable game and very well run it was too. Your table and terrain were fantastic. Thank you for all your efforts. I have posted some extra pics at my blog here:

    best wishes!

    1. We enjoyed the game too. Your battle report was very good. I didn't have time to take enough photos and yours recaptured the game well.



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