Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cancon - let us know you're coming

"Landing" the Horsa way.
As you should be aware (see our "Almost There" post or the "Cancon" series of posts), we will be running public participation games every day at Cancon from Saturday 25 January to Monday 27 January. We figured we would take on whoever wanted to join in as they came along and run a player's roster on the day.
But we have been getting interest from people wanting to know if they can book in times.

Our principle aim is to get brand new players, especially young lads, into wargaming, but we have structured the games so we can have multiple players. So if you are coming to Cancn and want to join in, let us know by leaving a comment to this blog post. Tell us your first name and last initial (no need for full names on the Internet) and when you will be around.

We will be starting at 9am each day and gaming till 5.30pm.  Game timing is typically 2 hours or so with breaks between games so we expect game start time of about 9am, 12pm and 3pm.

"Go! Go! Go!" yelled Major Howard.
The timetable:
Saturday - 2 boards, probably 5 or 6 games depending on demand and play time.

Sunday and Monday - 1 huge 6 ft x 8 ft table.

  • Battle for Pegasus Bridge.  

This is actually a 3 part game where players can join in for any part.
We will also have a second table for anyone that wants to get in a quicker game using 700 points which equates to about 90 minutes.


  1. Paul O + 2 mates would love to drop in for a game- Sat PM is probably best for us. All experienced gamers. Battle for the Beer Factory sounds like just the game for us!

    1. That sounds great. We'll put you down for the 3-ish session.



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